Roofing 101 - Educational Roofing Topics

picture of a bruised pear

Why is your roof like fruit? A serious comparison by Anderson Roofing & Construction in Cedar Park Texas.

The skin on a fruit is protective. It prevents ultra violet light, water and bacteria from getting into the fruit and rotting it. The granules on a shingle are protective. They prevent harmful rays from the sun from getting to the fiberglass layer and degrading it. They also help prevent
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Why You Need To Call Our Cedar Park Roofers Before Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies are out to make money. They used to be fair, but even the nicest ones are now giving homeowners a hard time and denying there is any damage on a roof that clearly needs repairs. Don’t feel sorry for them; they make record profits. True story – we
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Our Cedar Park Roofing Company Explains the Importance of Taking Hail Damage Seriously

If you’ve had hail damage within the past year, this is a friendly reminder that most insurance companies only give you 365 days to get the repairs completed. Sometimes extensions are available, but not usually. Why Should You Take Hail Damage Seriously? Hail strips off the gravel that creates the
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Roof Replacement

What You Need To Know When Considering Impact Resistant Shingles – A Guide From Our Cedar Park, TX Roofing Company

Think about your car; impact resistant bumpers are great. They don’t get damaged during a low-speed crash. But they can certainly be damaged during a moderate speed crash or by being hit from the side. Cars with impact resistant bumpers can be cheaper to insure because they don’t need bumper
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How do I know Anderson Roofing in Cedar Park, TX will provide good workmanship?

Roof repair and installation isn’t a project that should be done by just anybody. Here in Texas, bad weather is a fact of life, and when it happens, you want to know you’re going to be taken care of. Part of that is making sure you have good roof coverage
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