Round Rock Shingle Roof Replacements

Anderson Roofing and Construction provides the highest quality Round Rock shingle roof replacements in the area. We are known for carrying national name brand shingles with good warranties of 20 years or more. We also have our own Lifetime Warranty that covers labor and materials. If you sell your home, this warranty is transferable to the new homeowner.

You’re going to pay the same deductible no matter which roofing company you choose. Therefore, don’t you want to get a quality replacement? Not all roofing companies use the best products, which is why we educate our customers. Our feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t choose us – we just want you to choose a reputable roofing company!

To schedule your free inspection, contact Anderson Roofing and Construction today. We have convenient appointment times to meet your needs.

Is it Time for Shingle Roof Replacements in Round TX? Here’s How to Tell.

We recommend having your roof inspected once a year to keep on top of its condition. However, we know that this often slips through the cracks, and some homeowners wait years before having their roofs looked at. If you don’t schedule regular inspections, you at least need to be vigilant as to your roof’s condition. Otherwise, one small problem can open up a water leak to your home.

Here are some signs that a Round Rock shingle roof replacement may be around the corner:

  • Bald spots where granules are missing
  • Curled or cracked shingles
  • Damaged or discolored shingles
  • Roof is at least 20 years old
  • Looks old and worn
  • Neighbors are getting new roofs
  • Dark streaks from algae
  • Moss growth


Timely, High Quality Roof Replacements with Excellent Warranties

When you choose Anderson Roofing and Construction for your roofing needs, you get so much more than a new roof. Our locally owned and operated company is committed to excellence, and we make sure that our customers get the total package with us!

Storm Damage Roof Restoration & Insurance Claims

By choosing us for your shingle roof replacements in Round Rock TX, you get:

  • Excellent warranties of 20+ years
  • Reasonable rates – just pay your deductible!
  • Referral program – get $250 for everyone you refer who installs a roof
  • Free pool covering for pool owners
  • Free inspection with photo report sent via email

Anderson Roofing and Construction has the superior Round Rock shingle roof replacements you’re looking for. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection.

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