Pflugerville Roof Damage Insurance Claim

If you need to replace your roof due to storm damage, your homeowner’s insurance can help cover the costs. You’ll need to file your Pflugerville roof damage insurance claim within a reasonable time, which is usually about one year. This is why we recommend calling your insurance company right away, even before talking to a roofing contractor.

Your homeowner’s insurance will let you pick the contractor of your choice. This is why it’s important to take your time and do your research. You’re going to pay the same deductible, so don’t you want a quality replacement instead of an inferior one?

Anderson Roofing and Construction is an honest, ethical roofing company that provides roof repairs and replacements. We accept insurance and are happy to walk you through the steps of the claims process. To learn more about filing a roof damage insurance claim in Pflugerville TX, contact us today.

What Roof Damage is Covered by Insurance?

The dwelling portion of your insurance policy covers the house structure, including the roof. The types of roof damage that your policy covers depends on its terms. Typically, homeowners insurance covers sudden or accidental damage caused by wind, fire, hail or snow.

There are also several instances where your insurance policy will cover a full replacement. For example, if the materials to fix your roof are unavailable, your insurance company may replace the entire roof. Or, your insurance company may pay to replace the roof even if it’s only partially damaged.


File Your Pflugerville Roof Damage Insurance Claim Today!

Anderson Roofing and Construction accepts insurance and can explain the claims process to you. However, we will not bill your insurance directly. You’ll need to file a roof damage insurance claim in Pflugerville TX on your own.

Storm Damage Roof Restoration & Insurance Claims

By choosing us for your roof replacement, you can expect:

  • Quality replacement using national name brand shingles
  • Excellent manufacturer warranties of 20+ years
  • Lifetime Warranty on labor and materials
  • Experienced roof contractors with 10+ year’s experience
  • Quick turnaround times to meet your insurance’s requirements

Anderson Roofing and Construction will answer your questions about filing a Pflugerville roof damage insurance claim. We will also provide you with a full and accurate assessment of what your roof needs to function. Contact us today to start the process.

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